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Bowhead Reach Mountain Bike

Bowhead Reach – All-Electric adaptative mountain bike

Bowhead Reach – All-electric Adaptative Mountain E-bike, designed and built for performance and durability on the mountain will bring you from peak-to-base and back again.

The all-electric Bowhead Reach™ Adventure E-bike features the unique articulating Bowhead FLOW™ front-end. Bowhead bikes provide significant performance and safety advantages over the competition and result in an exhilarating riding experience.

Bowhead has created something unlike anything else out there. The Bowhead Reach has two 20-inch wheels up front combined with a 26-inch fat bike wheel in the rear. There are no cranks. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a 3,000-watt electric motor attached to a handlebar-mounted twist throttle. The Bowhead Reach can be used by a quadriplegic with the quad specific handlebar. The brakes and throttle are operable just using your wrist. The extension and the bar ends help keep your hands from sliding off.

These features are all important, but the Bowhead Reach – All-electric Adaptative Mountain E-bike party piece is the front end — a lattice work of pivoting metal that allows the two front wheels to articulate independently of the trike’s main frame. This articulation allows the Reach to cope with terrain in a way that no other adaptive bike can.

The Bowhead Reach is capable on aggressive terrain, but also super versatile. The Bowhead Reach can take you on downhill mountain bike track but can also be used to take your dog for a walk or just use it as a wheelchair on grassy surface that would be hard to push on regularly.


  • 3″ Independent front suspension
  • 7.5″ Single pivot linkage rear suspension
  • Stainless Steel or Titanium options
  • Magura – Award Winning performance with four pistons (Single brake lever actuates both front brakes)

Bowhead RX

Bowhead RX – Hybrid Adaptative Mountain Bike


Bowhead RX – Hybrid Adaptative Mountain Bike integrates the Bowhead FLOW™ articulating front-end from our award-winning Bowhead Reach™bike with the new single-pivot MX-style rear swingarm and suspension system for a nimble and agile ride. Traversing off-cambered and rough terrain is a breeze, and the RX provides endless opportunities for access and exploration whether you’re hammering down a paved road, navigating a gravel track, flowing cross-country, or shredding single-track mountain trails.

The Bowhead RX – Hybrid Adaptative Mountain Bike features the Bosch Performance CX eMTB motor and electronics system that provides seamless torque-sensing assistance, amplifying the power of arms by up to 3.5 times, and the electronic shifting SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The motor and batteries are mounted mid-bike, through a superbike MotoGP-style aluminum subframe, to create the ideal low center of gravity and roll. The RX is uniquely tuned to each riders’ thirst-for- adventure profile to provide a truly custom experience.


  • 3″ Independent front suspension
  • 4.5″ Single pivot linkage rear suspension
  • Stainless Steel or Titanium options
  • 7″ of effective front-end articulation

Quickie Shark RT

Quickie Shartk RT – The Best Handcycle in the Industry

Being active is incredibly important for wheelchair users as most of their time is spent sitting. At Moove we want to provide our clients with the best and most efficient wheelchair products.The Quickie Shark RT Hand Bike has shown itself to be best hand bike for leisure or semi-professionals. Choose a chair like this one to guarantee comfort which increases your time spent outside exercising.

What are hand bikes and handcycles?

A handbike and a handcycle are both synonyms of a cycling sport that is popular with those with limited use of their legs. It requires the biker to cycle with their hands rather than their legs. This product was invented in the 1980s and has been used for recreation, fitness, and competitions. Handcycles differentiate themselves from classical bikes by having 3 wheels compared to the traditional 2 wheels on a bicycle.

There have been many new models of hand cycles since their invention, with new technology and abilities pushing performances. Today, the advancement in technology has made handcycling a popular sport for both leisure seekers and competitive athletes.

Cycle towards your next goal with the innovative Quickie Shark RT hand bike

Bring your hand cycling to the next level with Quickie’s bikes

The newest model of hand bike by Quickie is now available to all those passionate about cycling! Delivering the same outstanding performance as the Shark RS (the first choice hand bike for professional athletes), the RT is here for leisure cyclists  or for semi-professionals that would enjoy more flexibility and adjustability when riding.


No compromises on comfort and performance with the Shark RT hand bike

A handbike specially made for wheelchair users

Increase your performance and become the best athlete you can be without compromising on comfort. In addition, hand cyclers have shown to enjoy their rides with the Shark RT due to its high comfort and increased safety.

Choose equipment you can trust with our handcycles

The Shark RTs new and innovative frame is designed to allow you to perform at your best.  This handcycle option offers more adjustability and flexibility, which means you can achieve your optimum position to rule the road. At Moove, we want to provide our customers with the best hand cycle on the market. We take your comfort and needs seriously when choosing the handcycles we offer.

Adapted handcycles with improved comfort that are perfect for wheelchair users

Enjoy your bike rides like never before with a design made for your comfort without having to sacrifice performance! Features such as a footrest adjusted to your leg length and an ergonomic new backrest allows you to ride for hours without discomfort or injuries. Comfort is important in a hand bike: the more comfortable the chair is, the more likely the chair is to be used regularly and for long periods of time.

Top safety features including a new parking brake

Transferring in and out of your hand bikes has never been easier! Enjoy a beautiful view, talk with a friend or simply take a break thanks to the Shark RT’s new and improved parking. The parking brake secures the Shark RT hand bike from rolling forwards or backwards.This allows hand cyclers to find much appreciated independence in the sport they love.

Enjoy built-in ergonomics with Quickie’s handbike

The Shark RT’s new innovative backrest, thanks to its ergonomic adjustability, allows you to improve and perform better than ever. The independently adjustable back elements of the bike is a great feature that enhances the performance of the driver and allows for optimal power transfer. With a good posture, the chances of more outings are increased and these generally are also longer outings. At Moove, we love to see our customers exercise and enjoy outdoor outings cycling on their hand bikes on a regular basis!

Hand bikes used for physical therapy and rehabilitation

An interesting fact about the sport of hand cycling is that it has become a popular sport for its use as a physical activity in therapy and rehabilitation. This method demands arms strength, balance, and coordination as well as endurance and general fitness. The circular motion required activates many muscles that are not typically used on a daily basis. This method of physical therapy is popular in both children and adults: cycling truly has no age limit! Find pleasure in sports again by trying hand biking.


Steer towards the right hand bike for you with the Quickie Shark RT handcycle specifications

Find out more about the characteristics of the bike and compare it with other models. This hand bike will steer you towards the right choice. You can even choose the colour that you want to add a touch of personalization!

WEIGHT: from 14.9kg

FRAME WIDTHs: 38 / 40 / 42cm (15 / 16 / 16.5“)

BACKREST: Angle adjustable 20° to 60°, height adjustable 25 – 44cm (10 – 17“)

CRANK LENGTH: 17.5cm (7“)

GEAR: 3×9 Sram


COLOURS: Brilliant Marine, Brilliant Red, Matt Black, Signal White

Choosing Moove to help the purchase decision of the best hand bike

At Moove, we support your buying decision before, during and after the transaction. Be at peace knowing that we will provide undivided customer service to our clients at all times. Contact us for any questions and concerns that you may have, our employees will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right handcycle options. Our employees are carefully selected to be able to direct our customers towards the best leisure and professional wheelchairs on the market.

Contact us about a hand bike

Quickie All Court

Quickie All Court

Push your game to its limits with the Quickie All court.
Unparalleled lightweight sport wheelchair performance.
Designed with the help of elite wheelchair basketball athletes, the Quickie® All Court features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance frame built for maneuverability and power. From pick-up games to gold medals, the All Court sports wheelchair will take your game to the next level.

Center-of-Mass Adjustment System
Our patented center-of-mass adjustment system provides 3.5″ of center-of-gravity adjustment and up to 5″ of vertical seat squeeze adjustment without having to make changes in fork size, caster size, caster-stem size, or fork-hole location. This allows you to optimize your chair’s setup for maneuverability and efficiency without adding complexity or extra parts.

Basketball Frame Components
The All Court’s single-wing bumper is light, lean, and built to take on an aggressive game. The integrated fifth-wheel anti-tip, available as a single or double, allows you to shift your weight over the rear wheels, giving you an edge in maneuverability. The anti-tip brace locks out the rearward flex in the frame, giving you more power when you lean back to shoot over your competition.

Titanium Frame Option
For the lightest possible weight, choose the All Court Ti. Its titanium seat frame shaves 2.5 lbs. off the wheelchair’s overall weight! Perfect for tough, competitive games, titanium is also scratch and corrosion resistant.

Streetjet Hybrid - hanbike attachable to your wheelchair

STREET JET HYBRID – Handbike attachable to your wheelchair

Looking to move more outdoors, but can’t get up those hills with your wheelchair? Want to join your friends on long outdoor adventures, but worry about the slopes? Worry no more with the best outdoor hybrid handcycle available on Moove: the Street Jet Hybrid Handbike attachable to your wheelchair! Work out and stay in shape with this incredible handcycle, and with the integrated electric assistance of the Street Jet Hybrid: it’s the perfect bike for the adventurer in you!

Do sport, stay fit and enjoy the outdoors with our Street Jet Hybrid Handbike attachable to your wheelchair.
Thanks to the built-in electrical assistant, it is the ideal handbike for adventurers, long distances, climbing hills or when you enjoy the mountain.

The Street Jet’s clamp is a wonder. Fitting any sized tube, all that’s required is to line up perpendicular to the frame and snap into place! There’s no small parts to turn or flick, just a black paddle that can be operated with just your palm: great for anyone with limited hand function!

Optional additions to the Street Jet Hybrid

The Street Jet Hybrid handbike comes with the optional plastic mudguard above the front wheel, which helps prevent splashing water or dirt on the rider. Due to the hybrid method using both a single-ring crank system and electric assist, full quadriplegia accommodation is unfortunately not available on this Street Jet handbike model. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Main specifications

Material: Aluminium AL 7020 in frame
Display: Multifunction LCD, 5 speed settings
Wheel: 20” Wheel
Fender: Plastic *OPTIONAL
Cranks: Single ring cranks with ERGO GRIPS.
*Adjustable crank position in height and depth
Support: Stand

36V / 15,6 Ah Lithium BATTERY
DOUBLE disk brake 160 mm.

Street Jet Ultrapower 16"



Street Jet Ultrapower 16″ – a detachable motor, that turns a manual wheelchair into an electric scooter. Easy to use, fast to attach to almost any models of wheelchair

The Street Jet Ultrapower 16″ small, detachable motor made of Aluminium 7020 is incredibly light and resistant. The attachment is remarkable – line up, push on and you’re connected! The clamping system is automatic which even allows quadriplegics to be more independent.

One Touch Mount

The Street Jet’s clamp is a wonder. Fitting any size tube, all that’s required is to line up perpendicular to the frame and snap into place! There’s no small parts to turn or flick, just a black paddle that can be operated with just your palm: great for anyone with limited hand function!

Oracing StreetJET ULTRAPOWER 16″ / 500W / 48V

  • LCD display / 5 speed
  • Engine 500w power
  • 48V / 11.4 Ah battery with USB connection
  • Wheel 16″ inch with off-road tyres
  • Shimano disc brake 180mm
  • Carbon fibre fender
  • One Touch front tube mounting system
  • Reverse Gear
  • LED light and horn* (optional)
  • Quadriplegia adaptation* (optional)
  • Cruise control* (optional)


Contact us for information

Streetjet Canada

Oracing Streetjet Power 12

Oracing StreetJET POWER 12″ / 500W / 48V

The STREET JET is a small, detachable motor made of Aluminium 7020, incredibly light and resistant. The clamping system is automatic which even allows quadriplegics to be more independent.

Some of the features of StreetJET POWER 12″ 500W:
LCD DISPLAY / 5 speed
Magnesium Brushless Engine 500W POWER
48V / 11,4 Ah Battery with USB CONNECTION
Wheel 12 “inch
Disc brake 160 mm Shimano
Carbon fiber Fender
EBS Regenerative Brake System
CRUISE Control
*LED Light and HORN Optional
*Quadriplegia adaptation Optional




Safety and mobility in a wheelchair – even in winter on snow and ice?   It is now possible with Wheelblades S!

Wheelblades are small attachments made to help wheelchair users operate in snow or sand conditions. They are small, high-end skis that are fixed to the front wheels of your wheelchair in a simple but solid way. Never get stuck in snow again with Wheelblades!


How do wheelblades work?

Wheel blade skis are made to improve the wheelchair support and prevent it from sinking in snow or sand by increasing the contact surface. This helps evenly distribute the pressure onto the ground, allowing the blades to run over the ground with very little pressure. The runners move along the ground with very little friction: even larger irregularities in the terrain can be easily navigated!

To ensure that the tip of the ski always points forward, the binding was deliberately positioned in the front part of the ski. Stability while in motion is provided by two channels on the bottom of the Wheelblades that compress the snow and let you glide as if on rails.


How to use Wheelblades?

Wheelblades are a simple yet extremely efficient attachment for your wheelchair. They are made to be easily installed and removed and can be fixed to your front wheel in 4 easy steps:

  1. Put the Wheelblades on the ground in front of your chair
  2. Lift your wheelchair slightly and align it with the first Wheelblade
  3. Insert the front wheel into the ski’s fixation
  4. Lock the ski in place and you are ready!


Simply repeat the same steps for both wheelblades and you will be gliding on snow in no time!


Advantages of using Wheelblade products on your wheelchair

Wheelblades S are lightweight and reliable

Using wheelblades on your wheelchair will make both your life and those of your helpers easier! People will now be able to push you even in snowy conditions thanks to the gliding, and you will have more independence than ever before.

They are made of high quality, robust materials that are resistant to chocs and fractions. You can count on your Wheelblades to support you for the years to come!


Wheelblades are quick to put on and quick to remove!

Thanks to the easy-to-adjust binding, this practical aid can be attached to any conventional wheelchair model. With the patented quick-release mechanism, you can switch from wheels to runners with ease. Attaching the wheelblades is a very quick process thanks to a design that requires no tools and very little strength.


These wheelchair accessories will fit almost all front wheels

Wheelblades are designed to be a “one size fits all” option! Their patented bindings have universal adjustment options that can accommodate wheel diameters from 15 – 30 cm as well as wheel widths from 2.0 – 6.5 cm.


Technical specifications of Moove’s Wheelblades

Setting options: 2.0 – 6.5 cm

Suitable for: manual wheelchairs

Available: as a pair

Streetjet Canada

Oracing Streetjet 12

Oracing StreetJET ULTRALIGHT 12″ / 250W / 36V
The STREET JET is a small, detachable motor made of Aluminium 7020, incredibly light and resistant. The clamping system is automatic which even allows quadriplegics to be more independent.
Some of the features of StreetJET ULTRALIGHT 12″ 250W:
LCD DISPLAY / 5 speed
Magnesium Engine 250w POWER
36v/16 Ah Battery with USB CONNECTION
Wheel 12 “inch
Disc brake 160 mm Shimano
Carbon fiber Fender
EBS Regenerative Brake System
*REVERSE Gear Optional
*LED Light and HORN Optional
*CRUISE Control Optional
*Quadriplegia adaptation Optional


Tessier Tempo

Tessier Tempo

The latest TESSIER innovation – Tempo Uniski and Dualski

Whether you are a beginner or a very experienced sit skier, the Tempo will let you enjoy the sport you love and be your partner on the slopes for many years to come. Coming in both Monoski and Dualski options, the Tessier Tempo is intended for people who have a lower limb disability. It allows skiing independently with remarkable performance, versatility, and style. Easy to ski, it is just as easily handled and allows for fast improvement due to its amazing technical features!


Let the Tempo fulfil your expectations and become your partner on the slopes for many years to come

Designed to be both accessible and useful to any degree of skier, the Tessier Tempo is able to completely satisfy the most experienced skiers. If you are looking for a high-quality wheelchair ski, either monoski or dualski, without limiting your desire to escape, the Tessier Tempo is made for you!



The Tempo offers adaptive skiers an optimal experience

1. Efficient

The suspension movement and the specially designed Öhlins shock absorber offer an excellent ski / snow contact.

2. Versatile

The Tempo helps you to improve yourself. You will enjoy whatever the conditions of snow and slope.

3. Easy

2 strong gas jacks help you to rise up for the chairlift without any efforts. Taking the chairlift becomes a child’s play !


What can the Tessier Tempo bring to the table?

First and foremost would be its fully suspended frame. Equipped with an Öhlins shock absorber, a specially designed shock absorber specifically geared for the Tempo Monoski and Dualski, all pressures and tensions from the fully suspended body and feet of the skier can be evenly distributed and relieved. This allows for more overall grip, increased efficiency, and excellent ski / snow contact.

Versatility is another strong suit of this sit ski. When it comes to chairlift use, the Tessier Tempo comes equipped with 2 strong gas jacks that, through the frames carefully designed kinematics, allow you to unlatch the back of your seat and enter a chairlift without any effort or problem. This way you will not have to worry about pushing your body weight up onto the seat; the gas powered jacks will do the work for you, allowing for super seamless transitions from the slopes back to the top! 


The perfect sit ski to learn thanks to its assistance and piloting bar

The assistance and the piloting bars are very simply fixed in the rear on the Tempo frame. No need to remove the seat. The Tempo is ideal for learning and the assistance bar offers more comfort to the ski instructor.