The #1 Rugby Wheelchair In The World - RGK Predator | Moove Has The Made To Measure Wheelchair To Improve Your Game
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RGK Predator Rugby RGK Predator

The best rugby wheelchairs available – The RGK Predator Rugby Chairs

Enjoy striking fear into the hearts of your competitors with this wheelchair


Why is the RGK Predator the #1 pick for rugby players?

The Predator is a gnarly beast, perfectly adapted for the high-impact game play and pure aggression on court that wheelchair rugby commands. Responsive, lightweight but incredibly hard-wearing, the chair will have the perfect fit that only made to measure can provide. Heat treated frame, a Y-frame chassis for excellent impact distribution and many frame options to tailor your chair to whichever version and position of rugby that you play in. Be the formidable force on court that your game requires!


A wheelchair with unrivalled performances in a rugby game

Only the best materials are used in your Predator. Heat treated aluminum is famous for its strength, durability and is synonymous with lightness. The utmost best performance of your chair is ensured by only using elements produced by market leaders, alongside a staggering 19 quality checks throughout the build, from measure to handover.

  • Low centre of gravity for stability during contact
  • Optimized biomechanics for maximum power and efficiency
  • Seating position to suit your game
  • Perfect toe in toe out for minimum drag
  • Bones Reds high precision castor bearings as standard to maximize energy
  • Low friction castor wheel with less dirt pick up
  • Kenda Kaliente tires as standard for ultimate court performance


Comfort and performance during your rugby games

Take full advantage of the Predator’s airtech Sport Technology, that offer you:

  • Breathable material to keep you cool
  • Triple layered for max strength and support
  • Adjustable tension straps for better support and positioning
  • Lightweight and tough for longevity with Kevlar reinforced wings


Advantages of choosing RGK’s rugby wheelchairs

A wheelchair made for strength, power and durability: perfect for a sport of contact

  • Heat treated aerospace grade 7020 aluminum as standard
  • Engineered Y Frame chassis to withstand aggressive solid contact
  • Reinforced “impact areas” to prevent game and travel damage, increase longevity and play with power


RGK integrated top-of-the-line ergonomics in their wheelchair

  • Range of ergonomic backrest options to support your requirements for maximum comfort and balance
  • Ergonomic seat for pelvic positioning and optimum balance
  • V-front taper seat or asymmetrical frame design for super responsiveness


Technical specifications of our rugby wheelchairs

The thing to remember about the Predator is it is designed entirely around performance. With a super-low centre of gravity, you receive stability during solid contact whilst the energy transferred through the impact dissipates throughout the chair thanks to its Y frame chassis design. Throw whatever you want at this chair, it will revel in it.


Choose custom-made wheelchairs

  • Suitable for all forms of wheelchair rugby
  • Suitable for all classes player
  • Intermediate to Professional players
  • Heat treated aluminum 7020 frame
  • Y Frame chassis
  • Max user weight 125kg


Pick the frame options that fit you as a player

  • Offensive and defensive options
  • Fixed and removable picker options
  • Fixed axle position
  • Fixed or adjustable footrest position
  • Double anti-tip
  • Fixed anti-tip
  • Fixed or height adjustable backrest
  • Fixed or removable sideguards
  • Range of front wing design to suit your game


The right strapping for any wheelchair rugby player

  • Specialist rugby waist and lap straps available
  • Range of Ratchet and Velcro strapping to connect you securely to the frame
  • Calf strap and toe strap supplied as standard
  • Waist strap available for additional support
  • Fixed and adjustable mounting for versatility


Learn more about the sport of wheelchair rugby

Are there different wheelchairs for different rugby positions?

Two types of wheelchair rugby chairs will be found on the court: the offensive wheelchair and defensive rugby chair. They differ in their purpose and equipment, as they play different roles in the game. 

  • Offensive wheelchairs are made for speed and mobility, as they are used by players with more functions. They contain a front bumper to avoid being hooked by other wheelchairs .
  • Defence wheelchairs have bumpers designed to hook and hold the offensive player’s wheelchairs. They are often used by players that have fewer functions on the court than those using the offensive wheelchairs.


No rule requires players to have specialized rugby wheelchairs: any manual chair can be used, and players will often start with a wheelchair adapted from a basketball wheelchair. However, as you get into the sport, you will realize that a specialized wheelchair such as the RGK Predator rugby wheelchair can make a huge impact on your game.


What equipment do you need to play wheelchair rugby?

To play a game of wheelchair rugby, you will need 4 things: a court, a ball, a wheelchair and gloves.

  1. The court is often indoors and made of hard wood to improve the wheelchair performances, and is the size of a basketball. The basketball key area is replaced by a rugby key.
  2. The ball used in wheelchair rugby is a volleyball. It weighs 280 g and must be white.
  3. The wheelchair is a crucial element of the game, and must meet IWRF (International Wheelchair Rugby Federation) regulations to be used in competition.
  4. Gloves are optional but can help improve the grip on the ball.