The Best Hand Bike for Leisure & Semi-Professionals | Moove
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Quickie Shark RT Quickie Shark RT Quickie Shark RT Quickie Shark RT

The Best Hand Bikes for Leisure & Semi-Professional

Introducing the Innovative Quickie Shark RT Hand Bikes

Bring your hand cycling to the next level with Quickie’s bikes

The newest model of hand bike by Quickie is now available to all those passionate about cycling! Delivering the same outstanding performance as the Shark RS (the first choice hand bike for professional athletes), the RT is here for leisure cyclists  or for semi-professionals that would enjoy more flexibility and adjustability when riding.




Don’t compromise on comfort and performance with the Shark RT wheelchairs

Choose equipment you can trust with our handcycles

The Shark RTs new and innovative frame is designed to allow you to perform at your best.  This handcycle option offers more adjustability and flexibility, which means you can achieve your optimum position to rule the road.


A hand cycle with improved comfort

Enjoy your bike rides like never before with a design made for your comfort without sacrificing performance! Features such as a foot rest adjustable to your leg length and ergonomic new backrest allows you to ride for hours without discomfort or injuries. 

Top safety features including a new parking brake

Transferring in and out of your hand bikes has never been easier! Enjoy a beautiful view, talk with a friend or simply take a break thanks to the Shark RT’s new and improved parking. The parking brake secures the Shark RT hand bike from rolling forwards or backwards.  

Enjoy built-in ergonomics with Quickie’s handbike

The Shark RT’s new innovative backrest allows you to reach your maximum and perform better than ever thanks to its ergonomic adjustability. The independently adjustable back elements are a great feature that enhances the performance of the driver and allows for optimal power transfer.

The Quickie Shark RT handcycle specifications

WEIGHT: from 14.9kg

FRAME WIDTHs: 38 / 40 / 42cm (15 / 16 / 16.5“)

BACKREST: Angle adjustable 20° to 60°, height adjustable 25 – 44cm (10 – 17“)

CRANK LENGTH: 17.5cm (7“)

GEAR: 3×9 Sram


COLOURS: Brilliant Marine, Brilliant Red, Matt Black, Signal White