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Find the basketball wheelchairs that will bring your game to the next level. Discover lightweight and sturdy wheelchairs designed for your style, body and game at Moove
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The best Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair – Choose a chair that fits you and your lifestyle

Never able to find a wheelchair that fits how you want it to? Are the wheelchairs always too big, too small, or too heavy? Worried the frame of your wheelchair will dent or give away under duress too easily? With Moove’s Progeo line of lightweight custom wheelchairs, all these questions and more are answered! Each wheelchair is custom made to your specifications and measurements, with a variety of options for lightweight frame materials. With unique maneuverability and eye-catching design styles, our materials are made to provide maximum resistance and are made to last. With different build styles such as welded, one piece frame, or multi-piece, Moove offers you the best of the best for lightweight rigid compact wheelchairs, all with dynamic maneuverability and the highest quality materials.

Check out Moove’s selection of high-end lightweight wheelchairs

Extremely reliable and easy to use, most of our chairs have a rigid frame for better fit, optimized performance, and durability. By shopping at Moove, you can enjoy fully customizable products and the lightest wheelchairs on the market.

Our RGK ultra lite wheelchair models

The Tiga

A great performing chair with an attractive and modern design to suit you during your daily life! Simple and elegant, this is a great customized rigid chair that still offers maximum performance and durability. A true all-rounder chair!

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The Tiga Sub4

Made from aerospace grade aluminium, the Sub4 has been engineered with love, passion and sheer determination to provide the lightest made-to-measure wheelchair, with no compromises. With the same reliability features as the TIGA, both in design and materials, you can be sure the Sub4 isn’t just super light: it’s super strong too!

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The Tiga Sub4 Octane

The RGK Octane Sub4 is as beautiful as it is functional, and elevates the daily wheelchair to a whole new level of performance. The result is an ultra lightweight and rigid wheelchair that is perfectly designed to fit you and your lifestyle.

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The Tiga TX All Terrain

The RGK Tiga TX features a lightweight aluminium frame, forward mounted castor position and oversize front castor wheels to provide the opportunity to explore off-road with maximum stability and minimum effort

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Our lightweight Progeo wheelchairs

Progeo Joker Energy

Looking for a reliable, rigid frame wheelchair that is manufactured solely for you? The Progeo Joker Energy boasts an attractive, well designed, extremely light and compact wheelchair made to measure for you.

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Progeo Noir 2.0

One of the only made-to-measure carbon fibre wheelchairs, it renews itself in its lines and shapes improving its look and performance. An astonishing eye-catching and linear look as well as minimum weight, maximum resistance and unique manoeuvrability and dynamism!

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Progeo Duke

The Duke wheelchair is made of two frames in carbon-fibre monocoque with differentiated section shapes, giving it great resistance and reactivity. Design and characteristics of a made-to-measure wheelchair while keeping the chance for final adjustments!

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Will Moove’s Progeo Wheelchairs fit me?

Yes they will! All of Moove’s Progeo line wheelchairs are made-to-order, meaning that all specs are custom measured and built to your needs! With different styles of frame, seating, materials, and style, all of Moove’s Progeo lightweight wheelchairs are made to last specifically for you! Consider the different styles of wheelchairs we offer and find the perfect fit to keep the wheel rolling with Moove! For more information, or simply for questions about our lightweight wheelchairs, ask here.

Why choose rigid frames?

Rigid frames differ from those of foldable wheelchairs in a number of ways. If taking it down to a basic level, you could say that a rigid Frame wheelchair is designed with the user in mind, while folding frame wheelchairs are designed to better accommodate the user’s companion. Although it really is a matter of personal preference, it’s always good to take into account what each frame is designed for.  

Rigid Frame wheelchairs are a good choice for users who enjoy an active lifestyle, or younger people. Rigid Frame Ultralight Wheelchairs are designed with the objective of  optimizing performance, and said performance is dramatically increased in these extremely light chairs, as the rigid frame transfers all of the energy from the push of the wheel into forward motion.  It should be noted that even rigid chairs can fold, just not as neatly as the foldable designs. Most rigid frame wheelchairs offer the option for a fold down back.

Rigid Frame chairs are truly designed to accommodate users in a way that foldable-frame chairs are not, since they are limited by their ability to fold into a compact shape. They can be custom-made for the user’s body shape, with an ergonomic shape that is wider at the seat and tapers to the knees. They are usually heavily customizable and adjustable, with various height, camber and angle settings that can be tailored to the user’s needs to increase independence.