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High Quality Hybrid and Electric Handcycles | Explore and Travel Like Never Before!

Stay active, mobile, and enjoy the outdoors with our amazing selection of Street Jet ORacing products! With four different top quality models and premium builds, our Street Jet ORacing products will have you happy, satisfied, and active in no time!

Thanks to the Street Jet’s electrical assistance, you can safely and confidently enjoy a newfound freedom! Go on long distance hikes through the mountains, climb hills, or just a quick trip to your friend’s house down the road using ORacing’s equipment!

Check out Moove’s selection of high-end hybrid and electric handcycles

Extremely reliable and pleasant to use, the Street Jet Oracing line offers hybrid and electric options, allowing you to simply charge it at home and use the Street Jets with zero carbon emissions!

Street Jet Hybrid Handcycle

Do sport, stay fit and enjoy the outdoors with our hybrid handbike attachable to your wheelchair. Thanks to the built-in electrical assistant, it is the ideal handbike for adventurers, long distances, climbing hills or when you enjoy the mountain. 

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Street Jet Ultrapower 16”

The most powerful electric handcycle of the ORacing family, the Ultrapower 16” boast an imposing but compact  500W electric engine. Take advantage of 5 speed, 180mm Shimano disc brakes and a 16” wheel to conquer even the toughest terrain. Quadriplegia adaptation is possible!

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Street Jet Power 12

Efficient and compact, the Power 12 is the younger sibling of the Ultrapower 16”. With a powerful 500W Magnesium Brushless Engine, a 12” wheel, an automatic clamping system and a cruise control option, it is an easy to use and reliable option for all handicaps to enjoy! Quadriplegia adaptation is possible!

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Oracing Street Jet 12

The lightest model of the ORacing Streetjet family! This small 250W engine has 5 speeds and runs on a 36V/16 Ah battery. With its 12” wheels and Shimano brake system, it is enough for all your daily activities and more! Quadriplegia adaptation is possible!

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Features of the StreetJet family

Fully Electric Handcycles

Whether it is our hybrid handcycle or its fully automated counterparts, those who buy an Oracing handcycle will enjoy an all electric system that is ecological, cost effective and durable.

Our fully electric motors and our electric assistance motors can be easily charged from home thanks to a removable battery: simply plug it in an outlet and your Streetjet will be ready to take you on new adventures! Our electric motor will provide you with years of good service while requiring minimal maintenance, it can even come with cruise control. What more can you ask for?


Top of the line safety features

Our Street Jet models take safety to the next level with innovative features such as automatic clamps, frontal light and reliable brake systems.

The automatic clamping system is perfect for quadriplegics, providing them with more independence. There is also an optical quadriplegia adaptation to make your life much easier! The frontal light does not block the rider’s line of sight and is perfect for late evening or night activities, and the high quality Shimano brake systems helps you breathe easy when going down steep hills or through rough terrain!


Easy to attach, detach, transport and store!

Thanks to its automated clamping system, it is quick and easy to install and remove the streetjet from your wheelchair. Its compact design makes it easy to store and will fit handily in the trunk of a car to be transported.


Don’t be afraid of leaving the road anymore!

It isn’t always a good idea to go into rougher terrains such as grass and hills with a regular wheelchair, but the StreetJet electric handcycles can change that! With their powerful engines, large tires and multiple speed options, anyone can now navigate difficult environments with ease and comfort! Going on hikes, to the park, on long walks and much more is made possible with ORacing!

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About the Street Jet

Part of the Oracing line, Street Jets are small light yet powerful detachable motors that can be attached to the front of wheelchairs. Aimed to assist those with lower limb disabilities, every Street Jet comes with a clamp that fits on various sized tubes. Able to line up perpendicularly to the frame of a wheelchair, with no small buttons or knobs the Street Jet Oracing clamp can be operated via a black paddle with just the palm of your hand. This allows for further independance for those who have limited hand functions, or for those who are simply using their other hand for any other purpose.

Combined with its long lasting battery life, excellent brake discs, carbon fiber fender and amazing handling, the ORacer Street Jet line is the perfect choice for taking you and your wheelchair off the “beaten path”. Reclaim your full outdoor independence today with our best selection of Oracing Street Jet products!

Will any Street Jet models work with my wheelchair?

Most of them will! As mentioned above, every Street Jet Oracing product comes with a clamp that allows quick and easy attachment/detachment. Operable with just the palm of one of your hands, the clamp is built to be able to be fixed to a variety of wheelchair models. Please do not hesitate to contact us and talk about your specific needs with our experts, they will be more than happy to answer all your questions and find the perfect product for you!

With no fancy knobs or levers or switches, the Street Jet Oracing clamp simply requires you to line up your wheelchair perpendicularly to the Street Jet itself, clamp in, and now you are good to go with all the time in the world to spare! Order a Street Jet Oracing product from our store today, and retake your outdoor independence right now!