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Custom-made basketball wheelchairs to up your game

A new basketball wheelchair is a big investment that will have a significant impact on your performances on the court, this is why you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best! Moove has some of the best wheelchairs on the market, made to accommodate your body and your style of play.

Designed entirely around your measurements and your style of play, our basketball wheelchairs are built to deliver performance on the court. Both our RGK Elite and our Quickie AllCourt have a proven track record when it comes to manoeuvrability, speed, responsiveness and durability.


What to expect from our wheelchairs

Prepare to perform at your fullest potential and be on top of your game with a chair that moves faster and turns quicker. Our wheelchairs are made from light yet sturdy metals such as titanium and aerospace grade aluminum, which allows it to be more reactive while enduring continuous bumping and shocks.

These basketball wheelchairs were designed with help of top athletes and, with no surprise, they are the choice of world-renowned players such as Pat Anderson, Abdi Jama, Sophie Carrigill, Bill Latham, Gregg Warburton and many more! Every athlete is unique, so why settle for anything less than a unique wheelchair?

Our different wheelchair models covering every style of play

RGK Elite basketball wheelchair

Prepare to perform at your fullest potential and be on top of your game with a chair that moves faster and turns quicker.

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Quickie All Court

Quickie All Court basketball wheelchair

From pick-up games to gold medals, the All Court sports wheelchair will take your game to the next level.

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Why you should invest in a high quality wheelchair

Moove’s basketball wheelchairs are much more than a tool to play basketball: they are a complement to your body. Having a custom-made wheelchair that is perfectly adapted to you will allow you to move faster, turn quicker and find the balance you need in your game. Made to fit your body, our basketball wheelchairs are the perfect mix of comfort and performance, allowing you to play the sport you love longer and better!