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Moove is committed to sell the highest quality sit skis available, custom set to your specific needs! Intended for those with lower limb disabilities, our two sit skis (or mono-ski) models are built for both the aspiring amateur and professional wheelchair skiers! Built from strong aluminum frames, these sit skis come with a range of shock absorbers, seats, leg protections and more all to fit you as an athlete and ski to your fullest potential. Quality that will last for years, our sit skis are built to allow for independence alongside incredible performance.


Enjoy wheelchair skiing at any level

The right adaptive ski gear for beginners or experienced sit skiers can be found here

Whether or not you are an aspiring sit skier with lower limb disabilities, or an expert who wishes to have a comfortable and easy experience, the Tessier Tempo is for you! 

Equipped with a piloting bar in the back to allow for a potential instructor, the Tessier Tempo is perfect if you are just starting to learn how to wheelchair ski, but has also been optimized to completely satisfy the experienced skier. Take advantage of equipment that you can grow with and that you can enjoy even as your level improves.

An easy to use and safe sit ski

Our sit ski includes a fully suspended frame, equippable with three different custom shock absorber models and quick handling to allow for peak efficiency. The Tempo also comes with 2 strong gas-powered jacks to allow mounting onto a chairlift to be as easy as you could ever imagine. With the assistance and piloting bars fixed to the rear, there is no need to remove the seat off of this Sitski. 

About our professional Sitski

You are experienced in adaptive skiing and are looking for a high-performance sit ski? Moove got you covered!

If you are an avid sit skier who is looking to push their own limits, the Tessier Scarver is the perfect option for you! A combination of high-strength aluminum and steel, the sturdy yet light frame offers amazing versatility and handling. With easy chairlift access and 3 different suspension positions, the Scarver is also the only monoski in the world able to be converted into a dual ski in under 2 minutes! From racing to freeriding, this is the perfect high-end sit ski for all experts and amateurs willing to go the distance!

Tessier Tempo

Whether you are a beginner or a very experienced sit skier, the Tempo will let you enjoy the sport you love and be your partner on the slopes for many years to come.

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Tessier Scarver

Whether you are a sportive adaptive skier, top-level racer, or an expert freerider, the Tessier Scarver is the monoski, and dualski, for you! The perfect adaptive gear for those who will not be held back by technical limits and have their demands satisfied to the fullest!

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