The Tessier Scarver - Professional Sit Ski | Moove
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Tessier Scarver

The monoski, and dualski, for those who refuse to be held back by technical limits

Whether you are a sportive adaptive skier, top-level racer, or an expert freerider, the Tessier Scarver is the monoski, and dualski, for you! The perfect adaptive gear for those who will not be held back by technical limits and have their demands satisfied to the fullest! 

Coming with both monoski and dualski options, the Tessier Scarver has been used in multiple professional adaptive skiing competitions around the world, such as the Paralympic Games. You would like proof that the Scarver is the best option for top racers? Its use in the Paralympics resulted in 9 medals, including 2 Gold (HD and GS). 


The #1 sit ski in the world today

Holding the N°1 spot of the overall ranking in the 2017/2018, 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 World Cup for skiing, Tessier Scarver has also been the DH World Champion in 2016/2017, as well as countless other podium finishes every year.




Who should use the Tessier Scarver ski?

For people with lower limb disabilities, the Tessier Scarver is the perfect piece of equipment to progress further, and allows for independence and high performance while skiing to match any of the best able-bodied skiers. 

Intended for active skiers and professionals looking for high performance gear for racing or freeriding, the Tessier Scarver is also the only uniski available worldwide that can change from a monoski to a dualski in under 2 minutes, thanks to its revolutionary frame. Depending on snow, weather conditions, or your mood,  this allows the user to switch through multiple styles, such as slalom, gs, downhill, freeride, and more! Choose extreme efficiency and practicality with the Scarver.


The Ultimate Competitive Uniski

Designed from high-strength aluminum and steel, the Tessier Scarver’s frame is extremely light and durable, providing excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio. Coupled with the built-in Ohlin shock absorbers, the Tessier Scarver’s overall frame weight is only 9,9kg, or 21,8lb! Equipped with full suspension, the uniski can be configured between 3 different positions to accompany your style and practice. The following explain each position briefly:

  • Position 1: Frame movement is nearly vertical when the shock absorber is compressed, meaning that this position is ideal for freeride, technical discipline, and use in a dualski as opposed to a monoski
  • Position 2: Intermediate position, most versatile. Will suit most skiers.
  • Position 3: When the shock absorbers are compressed, the center of gravity is moved forward on a 70 mm rail, offsetting the loss of balance when carving, and overall improving the grip alongside the entire monoski/dualski

On top of this, the seat of the Scarver can be adjusted every two degrees between 30° to 40°! The ultimate customizable professional uniski, the Tessier Scarver can be yours, and be ready to push the boundaries to monoski or dualski at any style on any day!