Philippe Bedard, Author at Moove
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Neuralink Reveals Working Brain-to-Machine Interface

In a live demonstration, Elon Musk revealed that Neuralink has successfully installed a working brain-to-machine interface inside a pig. Elon Musk’s brain-hacking company Neuralink demonstrated a working brain-to-machine interface in a live demonstration on August 28th.

The company revealed that a coin-sized computer had been installed in the brain of a pig called Gertrude. As the pig investigated its environment, the Neuralink device, hooked up to neurons connected to Gertrude’s snout, detected the neural activity. These spikes were rendered in real time on a graph and as a series of beeps.

Musk added that Gertrude has had the device installed in her brain for the past two months.READ MORE

Triride Canada – The new way to move freely in a wheelchairs

The Triride is the new way for people in wheelchairs to move freely! It is an electric wheel equipped with a handlebar which is fixed on 90% of the manual and active manual wheelchairs. In a matter of seconds, he turns the manual wheelchair into a powerful scooter. It is a particularly compact system, which is easily put in a car without taking up all the space.READ MORE