Triride TriWheel - Moove
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Triride TriWheel


For those who want to push!
It weighs about 4 kg and is equipped with a powerful hydraulic brake to tackle the most challenging descents in total safety.
On request the standard equipment can be enriched by several options and there are many magnificent accessories, to better enjoy the new life with Triride.

Download our catalogue and write us to [email protected] for any further information.

Technical Feature


  1. Patented model and registered trademark
  2. Weight: 4 Kg
  3. 12″,14″ or 16″ driving wheel with strengthened aluminium rim
  4. Hydraulic Powerful disc brake
  5. Tire selection: City or Cross
  6. Stainless steel frame – Minimal Frame
  7. Transport Bag *
  8. Customizable color*