Triride T-Rocks - Moove
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Triride T-Rocks


The new model that knows no obstacles for the Off-Road enthusiasts! The double battery and the entire Triride tecnology concentrated in one device gives the autonomy to satisfy the freedom desire beyond all limits. 2000 watt power and the IBS Brake System allows the performance’s total control and full customization.

Download our catalogue and write us to [email protected] for any further information.

Technical Feature

Mod. T-Rocks

  1. Max Power 2000W
  2. Electronics by Triride
  3. Reverse
  4. Cruise Control
  5. Assisted Load
  6. IBS – Intelligent Braking System
  7. Weight: 12,5 Kg
  8. 20” wheel with integrated motor
  9. LCD Display
  10. Double Lithium-ion battery or 36V single battery
  11. Powerful disc brake
  12. Cross Tyre
  13. Stainless steel frame
  14. Off-Road switch
  15. 5 Speed levels
  16. Triride range colors or customized