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Scarver – The ultimate sit ski !

The Scarver satisfies the most demanding skiers.
You won’t be technically limited. Whether you are a sportive skier, a racer at the top level or freerider, the Scarver will meet all your expectations.

The Scarver is intended to people who have a lower limb disability. It allows skiing independently with remarkable performances like the best able-bodied skiers. Used by many international racers, it’s the perfect equipment to progress yet further without ever being technically limited. The Scarver is intended to active skiers looking for performances, racers and freeriders.

Frame in Aluminium Weight of the Scarver Uniski frame + Öhlins shock absorber : 9,9 kg (21,8 lb)

The Scarver is the only sit ski frame worldwide able to switch from Uniski to Dualski, ans in less than 2 minutes. It’s extremely efficient for all disciplines : slalom, downhill, freeride…

3 suspension kinematics
Adjustable center of gravity
Adjustable seating angle from 30° to 40°

The n°1 sitski in competition
Year after year, more and more racers use the Scarver for racing and we can say that during 2017/2018 season it has been the n°1 :
Paralympic Games : 9 medals including 2 Gold (HD and GS)
World Cup : First in all disciplines (DH, SG, GS, SL) and first of the overall ranking
2015/2016 season: 89 international podiums
2016/2017 season: 106 international podiums, 2 World Cup Globes, DH World Champion