RGK Elite Wheelchair - Moove
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RGK Elite Wheelchair

Custom-made wheelchair to suit your game

One of the most advanced and high-end basketball wheelchairs available on the market is here! The RGK Elite is the end result of over 30 years of testing, innovation and, with 19 quality checks integrated in the building process, you can be confident that it is very reliable.

Designed entirely around your measurements and your style of play, the RGK Elite is made to give you the ultimate responsive connection, ergonomic positioning and speed. Prepare to perform at your fullest potential and be on top of your game with a chair that moves faster and turns quicker. The Elite is also the absolute lightest rigid frame basketball chair in the world!

These basketball wheelchairs were designed with help of top athletes and, with no surprise, it is also the choice of world-renowned players such as Pat Anderson, Abdi Jama, Sophie Carrigill, Bill Latham, Gregg Warburton and many more! Every athlete is unique, so why settle for anything less than a unique wheelchair?




Advantages of the RGK Elite

RGK Elite wheelchairs are lightweight yet very sturdy.  The new TRI-FRAME design, a triangular frame chassis, helps better distribute your energy and your weight across more sections of the chair. Instead of relying solely on the axle, the weight is now split across the down tubes, the strongest part of the frame, which allows the chair to support up to 275 lbs.

RGK Elite wheelchairs are built from aerospace grade aluminum which provides strength and durability, but remains lightweight to be the most reactive to your commands! You can choose the finish and colour of your wheelchairs: Add your team’s logo on the backrest to spice it up! We also offer different cushions for maximum comfort, depending on your sitting preference. You can now have the wheelchairs of your dreams!


RGK Elite’s Technical specifications

  • Footrest and foot straps
  • Waist strap also available
  • Welded rear axle support
  • Offensive wing
  • Breathable backrest
  • Gravity center option
  • Anti-friction front wheels
  • Camber bar
  • Reinforced impact areas
  • Heavy-duty