Handrim CURVE PARA-GRIP - Moove
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Product information Handrim CURVE PARA-GRIP
Our CURVE PARA GRIP – perfect in the winter and for users with limited hand strength.

Who are CURVE PARA GRIP handrims suited for?
For wheelchair users with complete hand function with either complete or limited hand strength.

What are the advantages of the CURVE PARA GRIP handrims?
The ergonomically perfect profile enables you to gain controlled, low-effort grip while stabilising your wrist. Compared to conventional hand rims, the hand muscles tire less and so help to reduce cramps and relieve pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome creating a relaxed and lasting driving experience. The 2-mm thick hard plastic coating also serves as heat insulation in low temperatures and so turns the CURVE PARA GRIP into the perfect winter rim.

What is our recommendation in terms of profile size?
Wheelchair users with small and normally-sized hands should use the smaller CURVE PARA GRIP profile. If you have large hands, we recommend choosing the larger CURVE L PARA GRIP profile.