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Progeo Joker Energy


If you are looking for a rigid frame wheelchair that is manufactured solely for you, the answer is Joker Energy. A fully welded customised frame where only the backrest can be adjusted. The elliptical section tubing improves rigidness to an eyecatching designed, extremely light and compact wheelchair.


Progeo Duke Wheelchair

Progeo Duke


Duke: a wheelchair made up of two frames in carbon-fibre monocoque with differentiated section shapes to confer resistance and reactivity. Design and characteristics of a made-to-measure wheelchair while keeping the chance of final adjustment.


Meet the New Progeo Noir wheelchair – The Noir 2.0 by Progeo

Progeo’s Noir 2.0, the only made-to-measure carbon fibre wheelchair, renews itself in its lines and shapes improving its look and performance. Each detail is accurately designed to accomplish an astonishing eye-catching and linear look as well as minimum weight, maximum resistance and unique mobility and dynamism. The wheelchair, which is moulded around You, becomes the integral part of Your style and of Your own charm.


Progeo Noir Ultra Light Rigid Wheelchair

The perfect choice for people looking for a lightweight, durable wheelchair that offers reliable performance day in day out. The Progeo Noir 2.0 wheelchairs is one of the only made-to-measure wheelchairs to offer a carbon fibre frame, and this last version continues on with the classic and elegant design of Progeo wheelchairs.

The Progeo Noir wheelchair is a truly polyvalent chair that will offer its users reliable performances and mobility both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to remain active!

Why should you choose the Progeo Noir chair?

Combine the benefits of carbon fibre with the usability and manoeuvrability of a made-to-measure wheelchair! Feel all your energy transfer to the wheels and to movement thanks to a product designed to save your energy. The Progeo Noir wheelchair offers advantages such as:

A solid, ultra light carbon fibre frame chair model with a new rear axle design

The carbon fibre monocoque made-to-measure frame of the Progeo Noir 2.0 secures its spot as one of the most lightweight and durable wheelchairs in the market. With a new and improved rear axle design, you can expect more rigidness and resistance when moving around, both indoors and outdoors!


Carbon fibre fork support and footplate

This model’s front fork support is made out of carbon fibre for increased durability and to be as lightweight as possible. It is decorated with Noir graphics for the elegant look you are looking for. You will also benefit from a one-piece carbon fibre footplate as the standard option, with options available to better suit your needs.


The Progeo Noir wheelchair comes with different backrest options!

When buying your made-to-measure Progeo Noir wheelchair, you will have access to options such as a fixed backrest or a postural backrest! The latter almost keeps the same weight of the backrest with upholstery and straps and it allows all adjustments for an optimal posture. You can combine it with a rigid carbon fibre seat.


Technical Specifications – Progeo Noir Wheelchair

  • Backrest Heights: From 24.5 to 47 cm (adjustable)
  • Minimal Seat Width: 12.992 ”
  • Maximum Seat Width: 17.716 ”
  • Minimal Seat Depth: 13.779 ”
  • Maximal Seat Depth: 18.7 ”
  • Seat To Floor Height: Made-to-measure
  • Frame Style: Rigid
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • Transport Weight: 9 lb
  • Camber: 0° – 2° – 4°
  • Front Frame Angle: 85° – 90° – 95°
  • Weight Limit: 275 lb

Learn more about the Noir 2.0 ultra light wheelchair

Will a Progeo Noir Wheelchair fit me?

Yes it will! All of Moove’s Progeo line wheelchairs are made-to-order, meaning that all specs are custom measured and built to your needs! With different styles of frame, seating, materials, and style, all of Moove’s Progeo lightweight wheelchairs are made to last specifically for you!

The Noir 2.0 really is the best when it comes to rigid chairs, and for a number of reasons. First, it is extremely resistant despite a weight of only 9 pounds, thanks to the carbon fibre technology used in its conception. The Progeo Noir’s monocoque, made-to-measure frame, adjusts perfectly to your body for maximized comfort and usability. A unique chair that will be perfect for you!


Why choose rigid frames?

Rigid frames differ from those of foldable wheelchairs in a number of ways. If taking it down to a basic level, you could say that a rigid Frame wheelchair is designed with the user in mind, while folding frame chairs are designed to better accommodate the user’s companion. Although it really is a matter of personal preference, it’s always good to take into account what each frame is designed for.

Rigid Frame wheelchairs like the Progeo Noir are a good choice for users who enjoy an active lifestyle or younger people. Rigid frame ultra light Wheelchairs are designed with the objective of  optimizing performance, and said performance is dramatically increased in these extremely light chairs, as the rigid frame transfers all of the energy from the push of the wheel into forward motion.  It should be noted that even rigid chairs can fold, just not as neatly as the foldable designs. Most rigid frame wheelchairs offer the option for a fold down back.