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Wheelblades Canada Wheelblades Canada


Safety and mobility in a wheelchair – even in winter on snow and ice? It’s no problem with Wheelblades S. Thanks to the easy-to-adjust binding, this practical aid can be attached to any conventional wheelchair model. With the patented quick-release mechanism, you can switch from wheels to runners with ease in just seconds. The broad contact surface of the Wheelblades optimally distributes the weight on the ground, thus preventing the small front wheels from sinking into the
snow. The runners move along the ground with very little friction, and even larger irregularities in the terrain can be easily navigated. To ensure that the tip of the ski always points forward, the binding was deliberately positioned in the front part of the ski. Stability while in motion is provided by two channels on the bottom of the Wheelblades that compress the snow and let you glide as if on rails.

Setting options: 2.0 – 6.5 cm
Suitable for: manual wheelchairs
Available: as a pair