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Bowhead Reach Mountain Bike

Bowhead Reach – All-Electric adaptative mountain bike

Bowhead Reach – All-electric Adaptative Mountain E-bike, designed and built for performance and durability on the mountain will bring you from peak-to-base and back again.

The all-electric Bowhead Reach™ Adventure E-bike features the unique articulating Bowhead FLOW™ front-end. Bowhead bikes provide significant performance and safety advantages over the competition and result in an exhilarating riding experience.

Bowhead has created something unlike anything else out there. The Bowhead Reach has two 20-inch wheels up front combined with a 26-inch fat bike wheel in the rear. There are no cranks. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a 3,000-watt electric motor attached to a handlebar-mounted twist throttle. The Bowhead Reach can be used by a quadriplegic with the quad specific handlebar. The brakes and throttle are operable just using your wrist. The extension and the bar ends help keep your hands from sliding off.

These features are all important, but the Bowhead Reach – All-electric Adaptative Mountain E-bike party piece is the front end — a lattice work of pivoting metal that allows the two front wheels to articulate independently of the trike’s main frame. This articulation allows the Reach to cope with terrain in a way that no other adaptive bike can.

The Bowhead Reach is capable on aggressive terrain, but also super versatile. The Bowhead Reach can take you on downhill mountain bike track but can also be used to take your dog for a walk or just use it as a wheelchair on grassy surface that would be hard to push on regularly.


  • 3″ Independent front suspension
  • 7.5″ Single pivot linkage rear suspension
  • Stainless Steel or Titanium options
  • Magura – Award Winning performance with four pistons (Single brake lever actuates both front brakes)